Single Woman Seeks Perfect Man

ISBN: 978-1935265276

Author: Dani Miser


We so easily grow impatient while waiting for our perfect match, the person of our dreams, the one we were meant to marry. We refuse to trust God for His timing in our relationships. As time goes by, anxiety and doubt begin to creep into our hearts. And far too often, we chase after our own ideas of happiness, seeking to grasp a lifelong relationship on our own terms. The consequences are painful, sometimes leading to sexual immorality, broken marriages, insecurity and self-doubt, or a lifetime of regret.

God never intended for us to live this way. Miser writes that His plan for us was set into motion before time began. According to Genesis 2, He never intended for us to be alone; He created us to exist in relationships with others. But just as we are His, our relationships are also His—designed by God to develop in His timing.

Written to single Christians who are struggling with frustration, discouragement, and sorrow over the lack of a mate, Miser shares:

“I deeply regret chasing my own desires rather than waiting for the man God prepared for me. I chose to live in a sinful relationship for more than eight years, but God brought me out of the slimy pit of promiscuity. I probably missed out on many blessings as a result of my waywardness. Nevertheless, God chose to work in my life in a very extraordinary way after I fully surrendered to Him.”

Miser’s ultimate goal for Single Woman Seeks Perfect Man: Experiencing the Consequences of Unhealthy Relationships is to encourage believers to wait patiently for the relationship God plans to bring into their lives. In it Miser shares her personal story, finding that both men and women never fail to respond—they identify with her struggles. Also, several Christians share their unique stories of bondage and freedom, sin and grace. Each one has fought through a multitude of issues in their lives and nearly every person who reads this book will find themselves reflected in one of these stories.

Interspersed with these testimonies are studies of eight biblical men and women, each one tied with a scriptural truth that relates to the relationships God intends for us. For instance, a chapter on David talks about the consequences of sexual sin.

Primarily written for Christian singles, I will address those who have struggled in an unhealthy relationship. Those who are single and looking for a relationship, who are in negative relationships, and who are involved in sex outside of marriage will all find encouragement that they are not alone. They will encounter biblical truth about the kind of relationship God desires for each one of us, and they will receive practical advice about moving away from the past and letting go of relationships that do not honor God.

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