Sons of the Eastern Plains

ISBN: 9781940269511

Author: Lanny K. Cook


A Memoir

Sons of the Eastern Plains is the true story of two lifelong friends. Against a backdrop of the dusty, northeast corner of Colorado in the 1950s, young Tim and Lanny set out, determined to turn life in a small town into a grand adventure. They don’t expect to discover how, when life turns tragic, family and faith take center stage. Or that their journey will lead where it leads, rather than where they planned. And never in their wildest imaginings, while skipping rocks and dreaming up new adventures, do they expect to one day struggle with knowing what to do and say when the journey leads to a final goodbye.

With charm and poignancy, author Lanny Cook paints a deft portrait of American life, warmly lit by faith and friendship, and the unavoidable questions and mysteries of our human existence: Why are we here? What is our purpose? Is there life after this one? Do I have the courage to face death? With honesty and humor, Cook illuminates the moment of transition and the events leading up to that sacred moment when a soul passes from this life into the next.

Sons of the Eastern Plains entertains, even as it inspires us to recognize the eternal significance of living a life of faith. It’s a story of the genuine hope and peace experienced by close friends, who rely on their faith in Jesus Christ and their love for each other to see them through.

Author Bio

Lanny Cook (MA in education, Colorado State University; MA in school administration, University of Phoenix; DMin and PhD in biblical studies, Newburgh Theological Seminary) was recognized in 2006 as Goodwill Industries of Denver’s “Educator of the Year.” After spending nearly thirty years in the public schools, Lanny retired to answer the call to a second career, that of an ordained minister. Lanny’s writing is punctuated with wit and quirky humor. His previous published works include Children of Promise(co-author), They Called Him… Jesus! and Fingernails on the Chalkboard. Lanny serves as an associate pastor at his church in Colorado and is also active in the drama ministry, Faith on Stage.

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