So…What Happens Next?

ISBN: 978-1937756468

Author: Jeremy W. Stevens


It’s no secret—the world is spiraling out of control. In fact, it’s hurtling toward the end times at a faster rate than many realize. From events in the Middle East to the latest Hollywood movies, fear of the world’s end seems to be at an all-time high. Are we, collectively, becoming more in tune with apocalyptic dread for a reason? Maybe. But perhaps it is just more of the same end-of-the-world fear we have always had. The prophesied future invasion of Israel has become a realistic possibility, with the alignment of Russia, Turkey, and Iran against the West and Israel. Recent history also makes it easier to believe that Iraq can indeed become a powerful nation with a new capitol—Babylon.

So… What Happens Next? explores the biblical prophecies of the past to learn about the potential future. In it, Jeremy Stevens combines expert opinion with the predictions of the Bible, using a system known as biblical strategic forecasting. It discusses how secular geopolitical predictions about the future are eerily similar to ancient prophecy and explains how the Bible’s predictions are being fulfilled—right before our eyes. Stevens describes the path the western world has taken, leading up to its role in the end and discusses the importance of the United States to the fulfillment of Scripture.