Spiritual Gifts, Plain and Simple

Author: James D. Wise


This book was written to cut through the controversy, disagreement and theological jargon in order to discover the Bible’s plain and simple teaching on spiritual gifts. Every reader will be able to determine the specific spiritual gift God has given them to empower and sustain their personal ministry service.

This book will help the reader to maximize personal ministry impact by: 1) understanding the difference between spiritual gifting and natural talents, skills and abilities; 2) distinguishing between the three categories of spiritual gifts described in the Bible – motivational gifts (gifts of the Father), ministry gifts (gifts of the Son) and manifestation gifts (gifts of the Spirit); 3) learning about the seven motivational gifts and how to discern which specific gift God has bestowed upon the reader.

We’ll learn why many abilities commonly referred to as spiritual gifts are not spiritual gifts at all. We’ll discuss why it is possible for a Christian to manifest a particular gift once or twice and then never experience that gift again. Finally, we’ll discover that each of us has one particular gift, given directly by God the Father, which serves as the underlying motivation for all of our ministry service. It is this “motivational” gift of the Father that leads to passionate and joyful service in the church and which enables us to bear abundant fruit.