Storming the Kingdom

Storming the Kingdom cover
ISBN: 978-1940269290

Author: Jeff Dixon


Book Three of Jeff Dixon’s KINGDOM series
Grayson Hawkes considered the cryptic clue: “Your journey so far was just the start, to bring you to this crossroads. You had to be entrusted with the things Walt created before you could be entrusted with the secrets of Walt himself. I know that doesn’t make a lot of sense to you . . . yet. But trust me, it will.”

Hawk’s wildest dream was fulfilled when he was placed in charge of the international entertainment empire Walt Disney created. But living the dream is not only hard work— it’s dangerous business, because the heroes and villains surrounding Hawk are very real, and they’re playing for keeps.
In Storming the Kingdom, the much-anticipated third adventure in the Dixon On Disney series (The Key to the Kingdom; Unlocking the Kingdom), author Jeff Dixon once again blends fact, history, and Disney trivia together to draw an action-packed page turner.

This time, Hawk must solve a mystery that will drive him into a past he never knew existed, to change a future where the entire world is depending on him. Racing against the forces of evil, the hands of time, and the fury of nature, Hawk must navigate the blurry line between right and wrong, trusting that his beliefs, his wisdom, and his uncanny knowledge of all things Disney will help him protect a shocking secret—something conspiracy theorists have speculated about for years. But how far is Hawk willing to go? Is he willing to die?

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