Surviving the Tribulation

Surviving the Tribulation cover
ISBN: 9781940269405

Author: Pat Benedetto


Are You Equipped for the End Times?

Are you wondering how the world will end and if it will happen in your lifetime? Surviving the Tribulation is for anyone who is curious about the end times…survivalists, news junkies, Christians and Jews, seekers of the truth, agnostics and atheists…all will benefit from the stunning revelations in this book. Signs and prophecies point to the approaching end of this age. Catastrophes, surveillance, economics, supernatural deception, Israel, rebellion, signs in the sky – now is the time to be ready!

Surviving the Tribulation gives evidence for the authenticity of Bible prophecy and includes practical strategies for surviving natural and man-made disasters, as well as methods for going the distance emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually during the difficult times humanity faces.

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