The Bathtub Full of Holes

ISBN: 9781632695918

Author: Arielle N. Eicher


“Plane crashed, pilot dead.

One broken leg and a bloody head

Summer moved out, winter moved in;

Hope of rescue seems fairly thin.”

It is October 1947, two years after the end of the Second World War. One airplane is scheduled to go to California—the other is scheduled to go down.

When the conspiracy of an alleged smuggler goes awry, five employees of the Jensen Aircraft Manufacturing Company become entangled in the ruthless plot that sabotages their airplane and leaves them stranded in the Colorado wilderness. But surviving a plane crash is the easy part, and the trials of the five friends have only just begun.

Still grieving his wife’s death at Pearl Harbor, Jack was ready to give up on life, but now his only option is to find the strength within himself to help his friends pull through. Camille’s hope for marriage went to war and never returned; severely injured, she believes herself unattractive and unwanted. Carl’s term in a Gestapo POW camp left him scarred but strong, yet mere strength will not win Camille. Maria says she loves her husband—this is her chance to prove it. And as for Eddy, after dropping out of medical school, it takes the trauma of an airplane crash to carry him beyond fear and return him to the calling for which he was made.

Each of them must figure out how to survive the wilderness alongside the others. They must find the willpower to hold out for the desperate hope of rescue. And they must be prepared to face what comes after: the fight to see justice served to a fleeing Nazi war criminal. Pitted against the elements, faced with debilitating injuries, confronted by the specters of their own pasts and an embezzler desperate enough to kill, do these five adventurers have the strength and loyalty needed to thrive beyond mere survival?


Author Bio:

Arielle N. Eicher lives in Oregon as an author, photographer, church vocalist, and livestock keeper. She lives out in the country where cell phones don’t work—and loves it. Having grown up in a family with six brothers and one sister who knew how to have fun together, she is endowed with a unique sense of humor. She loves animals and learning life lessons from God’s creatures, even if it means spending half an hour on hands and knees studying ants! Arielle began writing as a young teen and has written short stories, children’s books, and skits, some of which have been performed at her church. Her nieces and nephews make good guinea pigs for her latest stories. When not busy wearing down pencils, Arielle enjoys hiking, needle-felting, and watching her Doberman Pinscher zip through the sagebrush on the tail of a coyote in rural Oregon.

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