The Coffee Shop That Changed a Church

Author: Steve Parr


An instructional book told in narrative style, The Coffee Shop that Changed a Church: Discovering the Net Effect is as engaging as any good fiction. Author Steve Parr has emerged as a respected voice in communicating the true dynamics of churches that thrive in reaching and making disciples. His ideas are not only theoretical; he led a ministry that baptized over 1500 people in fourteen years.

Parr’s story follows Mitch Walker, fresh out of seminary, as he struggles to find his way as the new pastor of a small and aging congregation. After two years, the ambitious pastor realizes he is a shepherd whose flock is content with grazing alone out in the pasture—that is, until a chance encounter with a neighboring pastor turns his ministry upside down. The experienced pastor offers to meet regularly with Mitch at a nearby coffee shop to share his innovative strategies for leading an evangelism movement, called the Net Effect. The story flows between Mitch’s successes in helping the church become more outwardly focused, the resistance he faces from key leaders, and the lessons he learns from the six essentials of the Net Effect.

Through Mitch’s successes and failures, readers learn how to apply key practices for helping a church become intentionally evangelistic and thus more healthy and vibrant. Evangelistic effectiveness, leadership tools, and the importance of relationships are presented as Parr creatively weaves together drama, humor, and instruction. More specific topics include leadership, personal evangelism, proclamation evangelism, evangelism through small groups, and servant evangelism.

Dr. Parr crafted this book not only for pastors, but also for deacons, Bible study leaders, staff members, and church members who hold any leadership role within the church. In a fresh and entertaining format, The Coffee Shop that Changed a Church inspires, equips, and motivates readers to reach out and make disciples for Jesus Christ.

THE COFFEE SHOP THAT CHANGED A CHURCH. You are in this book. The leaders of your church are in this book. Read it for yourself and see. I have been so blessed by the response to this story. My initial aim was to write a book to help churches and leaders to be more effective in evangelism. However, as the story unfolded it turned out to be so much more. The book weaves back and forth with segments of drama, humor, and instruction. You will be challenged, encouraged, and enjoy the journey of Mitch Walker as he leads the congregation of the Stanton Community Church. I am getting emails, texts, and social media posts daily in response to the book and I want to hear from you. I pray you will read it and be encouraged in your faith. But, whatever you do, don’t be Lester McDonald. Read it and you will see what I mean. – Dr. Steve R. Parr