The Crimson Thread of the Bible

Author: Joshua A. McClure


Following the Ribbon of Redemption from Creation to Christ

Recipient of the 2010 Deep River Books Award of Excellence

Understanding the redemptive thread of Christ is the key to unlocking the mystery of the Bible!

Countless people read the Bible with a desire to learn more about God; however they find the text difficult to understand and abandon their attempts to comprehend it. The Bible is meant to be understood as a whole and not in parts. It can be frustrating to pursue answers to life’s difficult questions unless you perceive how the entire Word of God and life are strongly bound together by an intricate thread.

Written by award-winning author Joshua A. McClure, The Crimson Thread of the Bible is not a study of the actions, stories, and exploits of people in the Bible, instead it is a story about God’s faithfulness and determination to carry out His plan to redeem His fallen people. It reveals the constant thread throughout the Bible that tells how God’s Divine plan is fashioned in eternity and how the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ were always central to His plan.

With straight talk on kingdom living, this groundbreaking book speaks to the one who longs for the God who invites us to reach for Him. In it you will find that unlocking the mystery of the Bible leads you to a road of transformation and gives you a new sense of spiritual vigor!