The Dance of Marriage

The Dance of Marriage cover
ISBN: 9781632694379

Author: Paul Gauche


Keeping in Step Through the Last Song

Seeing individual, modern stories of marriage through the lens of ancient spiritual wisdom can provide an inspiring and profound view of life together. In The Dance of Marriage, author and pastor Paul Gauche does just that. Instead of writing a simple how-to marriage book, Paul weaves together his own marriage story, the stories of couples he’s worked with, and the biblical account of the wedding in Cana.

Using that first-century account, Paul guides and inspires twenty-first-century couples to consider how every relationship has a beginning, every couple faces a crisis, and every marriage needs a miracle. He lays out the significance of inviting Jesus not only to our wedding but into the daily “dance” of marriage.

The Dance of Marriage emerges from three decades of working with over four hundred couples, planning wedding ceremonies that reflect commitments to build strong marriages. The result is a fresh, moving look at how the ordinary stories of married life add up to one extraordinary narrative of love. This book offers help and insight to any couple looking to move more in sync, whether they are engaged, newlyweds, or seasoned veterans.

Author Bio

Paul Gauche is a pastor, but he sometimes introduces himself first by his other, more relatable occupations, lest he ice conversation. He may lead with “I’m a writer,” then share that he’s also a husband, father, grandfather, speaker, marriage and family specialist, marathoner, long-distance hiker, musician, song writer, and cook—and the pastor of Life Transitions at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Burnsville, Minnesota. After graduating from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington, Paul earned his master of divinity at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota, where he met his sweet bride of over thirty-four years, Nancy Lee. Paul has served as a pastor for over three decades, working with hundreds of couples as they plan their weddings.

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