The Dark Night of Faith

ISBN: 9781632695345

Author: Jennifer Faith


My Journey from Abuse to Freedom

Every day in America, four women are murdered by their spouses or intimate partners. This statistic does not change in the church. In fact, one reason many women remain in violent marriages is due to a narrow understanding of Scripture and of God’s heart. For these women, Jennifer Faith has a word: it is not God’s will for you to be abused.

For over twenty years, Jennifer lived a secret life—a life of fear and shame—a daily existence marked by powerlessness and oppression. Yet God was always there, long before she was able to distinguish between his loving voice of truth and the lies that kept her captive. If she had not finally allowed Him to intervene, Jennifer would not likely be here today to tell her story and to give Jesus, her compassionate, pursuing Savior, all the glory.

With honesty and humility, Jennifer recounts how she came to find herself in a violent marriage—the red flags she missed, the toxic thinking that made her a victim rather than a victor. With courage, she shares her journey from horror to wholeness. She provides resources to help women answer the questions that keep battered women stuck: Am I in an abusive relationship? What if it’s my fault? Is it biblical to leave? And she offers hope that, just as God made a way for her to journey out of darkness into a life of light and freedom, he wants to do the same for others.

Author Bio

Jennifer Faith is a survivor of domestic violence who has dedicated her life to leading battered women of faith to hope, healing, and freedom through Jesus Christ. Through her writing, speaking, and a film she produced called The Journey, she is impacting women around the globe. The only thing Jennifer loves more than surfing her local left point break is surfing that break with her husband, Frank. Both of her handsome sons keep busy with work and college, but they never turn down an opportunity to visit mom on her little farm in rural Hawaii. She blogs at


Jennifer Faith takes you on an inspiring journey from abuse to freedom.  This book is will bring faith and hope to all who read it.  I highly recommend it!

-Alan Garrett Pastor, Mountain of Worship, Manchester CT, and Author of UNSilenced: Giving a voice to women silenced by ignorance.


The Dark Night of Faith is an amazing story that everyone living in an abusive situation should read and share with others. Her compelling story shares her strengths and weaknesses and tells how God gave her the strength to leave and survive during a very trying time in her life. Jennifer brings you to each event and allows you to feel her pain and joy as she recovers with God lifting her in His grace and mercy.  Jennifer Faith is a true survivor who gives all the glory to God.

-Pamela East, Ph.D is an author, educator, and survivor of abuse. She serves as a deacon and is a certified facilitator for Advocacy for Victims of Abuse and Mending the Soul Ministries. Through her dedication to education she has earned multiple degrees, including a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology and Doctor of Divinity.


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