The Impending Apocalypse

ISBN: 978-1940269344

Author: John Claeys


A global apocalypse is coming—and may be imminent. The Bible predicts this looming Armageddon will bring cataclysmic destruction, worldwide holocaust, and spiritual warfare reaching a climactic showdown, while the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Jesus warned this seven-year era of doom will be unlike any period in human history, making it the ultimate end-times, epic thriller.

All of this leaves critical questions to be answered: Will this apocalypse bring the end of the world as we know it? How soon will it hit? How could a good God allow this kind of global disaster as part of his perfect plan? How will this approaching Armageddon affect us? What can you do to prepare for it?

Uncover surprising answers to these questions as you journey through the pages of The Impending Apocalypse: Preparing for God’s End-Times Epic Thriller. As you do, you will prepare yourself for what is certainly coming, and you will discover God and his future plan in a way you may have never known before.