The Jesus Passages

Author: Ron Gannett


You are the author of The Jesus Passages, a study guide and journal tracing the chronological events in the life of Christ as found in the Bible.

The format is easy to use:

Hook: A simple question helps you focus on the topic at hand.

Book: The primary meaning is explained by highlighting key issues.

Took: Questions are provided to guide you into life applications which you journal.

Broken into three simple sections, The Jesus Passages reveals how Jesus lived, loved, and dealt with social issues. It challenges you with comments and questions from the author, then sets you free to write what the passages are saying to you. Sharpen your pencil and open up the book—there is so much God wants to teach you in The Jesus Passages. You will appreciate having your thoughts on paper to review and look back on later in life. Your family will enjoy reading your thoughts to learn what Jesus spoke to you during your studies and they’ll treasure passing your journal on through the generations.

Author and pastor Ron Gannett (Community Church at SaddleBrooke, near Tucson, AZ) has been preaching and teaching for almost forty years in Texas, Canada, Alabama, and Arizona. Over the years he has discovered that people have more passion for truth if they discover it themselves. So he compiled this study to unleash the thirst many people have to know Jesus personally. Whether used as an individual study, family devotion, or in a small group setting, you will gain fresh insight into topics such as forgiveness, money, family, relationships, facing criticism, and more. Many people claim the Christian faith but have never taken time to know Jesus and His story. Study the verses. Allow the Lord to speak to you. Write down what He says, and see how Jesus speaks into your life and empowers you each day.


Ron Gannett’s The Jesus Passages serves as an excellent resource for multiple purposes. As one of the finest of 21st century communicators, Ron has produced a user-friendly tool to ensure that the rich truth of Jesus’ journey is clarified, interpreted rightly, applied readily, and lived consistently. Ron’s communication, understanding, and gifting have worked together and we are well served with this user-friendly resource.” —Paul E. Magnus, President Emeritus and Distinguished Professor of Leadership/Management and Consultant/Coach/Facilitator with PJ Magnus Coaching & Consulting Ltd.