The Kidnapping of Lady Justes

JONES Lady Justes Cover
ISBN: 9781632695109

Author: Paula Harrison Jones


A Novel

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In the country of Shallum in 600 B.C., Lady Justes cries out for justice for the children who are neglected and trapped within the corrupted courts of the governing systems.  The country has been ruled for centuries by a hidden force that works against the kings to serve their own wicked agenda.

But there is hope. 

The family of Lady Justes protects a hidden treasure which holds the secret to bring forth this long-awaited justice. As the lady and the new King Josiah work together to establish these basic human rights, a romantic relationship between them triggers fear within the hidden controllers.  ey kidnap the lady and imprison the king in their attempts to prevent the king from establishing his rightful authority.

Will the king escape and will Lady Justes be rescued?

Will justice ever be served and righteousness restored in Shallum?

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Author Bio

Paula Harrison Jones, BS, JD, worked for the Department of the Interior with American Indians. Married with three grown children, Paula lives in Louisiana.

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