The Real Thing

Author: Danielle Treece


Is there more to life and the Christian ‘walk’? Do you know deep down that something is missing- that multitudes of people who claim to be Christians only have a half-hearted, mediocre commitment instead of knowing what it actually means to belong to God?

Sadly, many claim they are followers of Christ, but their hearts do not hunger for Him. Personal convenience has become a substitute for genuine discipleship. The result? Cosmetic Christianity. The problem? Merely being interested in Jesus misses the mark! Merely going through the motions to maintain the appearance of being a Christian instead of actually becoming one means that you are missing The Real Thing.

For at the end of life the question will not be how much you accomplished or achieved or how much money you made. Nor will it be how good you are, how smart, or how often you went to church. No, God’s questions will be, “Did you put your life in my hands? Did you come to know Jesus? How much of my Son’s character was formed in you?”

Danielle Treece speaks to the young person looking for The Real Thing on what it means to be a Christian instead of simply looking like one. The Real Thing focuses on your heart, not your behavior, teaching you how to discern God’s voice and how to seek after His highest purposes and desires for your life.

You can settle for less OR have God’s best! Nothing Can Compare to The Real Thing!