The Rivers Frontier

The Rivers Frontier Cover
ISBN: 9781632694911

Author: Titi Horsfall


The History of the Niger Delta

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The Rivers Frontier is a historic work on the Rivers State indigenes of Nigeria’s Eastern Niger Delta. It encapsulates their journey from the earliest records to the present. This book details their early encounters with Europeans; views on their settlements, languages, and culture; their kings and leaders of the pre-colonial, colonial, post-colonial, and modern era, as well as highlights from these periods.

Through the centuries, the land of the Eastern Niger Delta has remained an economic jewel. Each succeeding global economic demand has been matched with more than proportionate availability. The Rivers Frontier is a history book with a modern twist, that would enable its readers connect with the past, acknowledge the sacrifices and heroic deeds previously made, and stir a contemplation of the future, with the understanding that the world we have today is ours to preserve for those yet to come.

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Author Bio

Titi Horsfall is avidly invested in history, and has written multiple works, both fiction and nonfiction, inspired by her passion for it. Her previous novels – From an Orphan to a Queen; Esther, Influence of a King, and short story, Fancy Loma are tales of historic conquest and the triumph of love. She has an undergraduate marketing degree, a masters in banking and finance, and an MBA in oil and gas management (Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen). She has been the recipient of the 2016 African Literature Prize, the Deep River Books merit award, and PR Times Africa Magazine 2017 Nominee CSR Award for Societal Change Agent Through African Literature. In both heart and profession, she is a communicator. She makes good use of this skill, creatively conveying historical facts through a variety of mediums.

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