The Simplified Guide: Paul’s Letters to the Churches

Author: David Hazelton


Paul wrote to “all those everywhere who call on the name of our Lord Jesus Christ” (I Cor. 1:2). His instructions were not directed primarily to theologians, pastors, or priests. He wrote to the whole church – to regular Christians, like you and me – about the daily challenges that we confront in our walk with Christ. Paul is very clear—the gospel message of salvation is simple, straightforward and available to all who come in faith.

Far from dry works of abstract theology, his letters provide practical instruction to people without any special theological training or educational credentials. Paul’s passion is seeing every believer put the gospel into practice.

Almost everyone can readily grasp the essential elements of the gospel at a basic level. But many want to make it more complex than it is. Perhaps because it’s difficult to accept that something so important can be so simple.

In The Simplified Guide, David Hazelton collects Paul’s practical instructions on specific issues as faithfully and completely as possible. Rather than promoting a particular view or interpretation of these, Hazelton guides readers to make their own observations about applying Paul’s instructions to their lives.