The Uncomfortable Church

Author: Lawrence Brice


How is a Christian to view same-gender partners? And what is God’s plan for love, sex, marriage, and ordination in the 21st century?

Is it possible for Bible-believing Christians and gays and lesbians to reconcile and move toward a place of understanding?

Dr. Brice, veteran pastor, television host, and author (Confident Faith, In a World That Wants to Believe, Deep River Books) says, Yes. It’s not only possible, but it’s long overdue!

In this important book, Dr. Brice faithfully interprets scripture and, with honesty, defines traditional marriage. At the same time, he opens the doors for compassion and mission to a hurting and marginalized minority. Without shying away from the difficult questions posed by the revisionist’s re-interpretation of scripture, or the heartfelt appeal of today’s homosexuals for inclusion and value in our contemporary world, Dr. Brice offers hope, acceptance, and support for gays and lesbians who seek to live a godly, righteous life with the support of the church.

In a scholarly, yet easily accessible way, Dr. Brice seeks to: clarify why conservative Christians can not and should not change their stance on the policy of God’s plan for sexuality; help believers accept a persecuted and hurting minority—so as never to offend or push anyone away, destroying their potential to know Jesus Christ and live a godly life; and aid in the denominational-wide policy discussions on homosexuality.

The Uncomfortable Church should be read by every minister and church member in denominations debating gay ordination and marriage and everyone committed to walking in the footsteps of Jesus. It’s timely. It’s challenging. It’s uncomfortable. And it may just change your mind about how to reconcile gays and lesbians with the body of Christ.


“Larry Brice offers a comprehensive survey and careful reading of scripture, which reminds us not only of the Bible’s clear teaching on sexual behavior, but also of Christ’s call to love one another as he has loved us.”
—Rev. William Houghton, BA, MDiv, ThM; The United Church of Canada, Collier St. United Church, Barrie, Ontario

“(Dr. Brice) pleads for the evangelical, conservative branch of the Christian church to maintain a traditional Biblical interpretation on heterosexual and homosexual activity, while also challenging Christians to repent of the hatred and bigotry with which they have treated homosexual persons.”
—John Howard, BA, MDiv, OACCPP, AACC; individual, marriage, and family therapist; recovered homosexual

“… an honest plea to the church to deal with the discomfort of homosexuality faithfully but also lovingly … a message the church needs to hear.”
—Kent DelHousaye, BA, MDiv, DMin Candidate; teaching pastor, Bethany Bible Church; adjunct professor, Grand Canyon University, Arizona