Thorns and Roses of Greyfield

ISBN: 9781632695352

Author: Katherine M. Welch


A Novel

Caroline Carlyle is a self-assured young woman whose everyday life is turned upside down in the aftermath of a shocking murder. During a much-anticipated dinner party at the Lamar’s—the most prominent family in town and the caretakers of the grand Greyfield Estate and House—she makes the acquaintance of Oliver Belmont. But when Mr. Belmont is murdered the very same night, her own life and surety are thrown into disarray. The death and the questions surrounding it create turmoil in town, triggering both fear and anger. Caroline is swept into the mystery and drama, which leaves her shaken, confused, and even ashamed as more and more comes to light.

Mr. Belmont’s death and the resulting revelations reshape Caroline’s perception of her formerly peaceful world, especially when she cannot help but delve deeper into the events surrounding the murder. As the investigation develops, so do her struggles with the marks it has left on her and the people around her. A mysterious murder is no more straightforward, it seems, than what such an event leaves in its wake. Thorns and Roses of Greyfield is a compelling story of murder in the high society of Nova Scotia, but along with the excitement and elegance of a well-spun period drama run deeper themes of tragedy, humanity, and how they intertwine.

Author Bio:

Katherine Welch grew up in Hawaii, where she was homeschooled and provided with a classical music education at a young age. There are few things she enjoys more than performing on stage alongside her three siblings, and along with being an author she is a private music teacher of several instruments. Katherine comes from a very close and faithful family, a huge source of encouragement for her when it comes to writing. Her love of old movies, music, mysteries, and classic novels has been inspirational and influential to her as well. Writing has always been a fun activity to Katherine, but she began thinking of it more seriously during the process of developing her novel. Although it was created out of an enjoyment of writing, she is a very dedicated writer. Katherine’s hobbies include music, baking, cooking, karate, and photography, and she loves living in her beautiful home state of Hawaii.


Katherine Welch’s debut novel takes us to Nova Scotia in the early 1930’s and sets the stage for drama as a business man dies suddenly during a card game.

In a mystery reminiscent of Agatha Christie, we meet both the wealthy and lower classes of Greyfield Village as the dinner guests are forced to consider each other as suspects and the townsfolk are set on edge.

Told from the viewpoint of one of the guests at the ill-fated dinner, Katherine‘s method of unraveling the threads is enjoyable and will keep the reader on his or her toes.

-Miriam Ilgenfritz, Author, Letters to Emily


Filled with refreshing innocence and youthful high spirits. A charming whodunit and love story.

-Gregory Shepherd, author “Sea of Fire”

Retail Price: $15.99