Thoughts that Fell From A Taco Shell

Author: Matthew Ouellette


“Matt Ouellette is a fresh voice. Honest, funny, and timely, his words bring an original and relevant perspective to today’s battle for spiritual authenticity.”
—Josh D. McDowell, speaker and best-selling author of numerous books including More Than a Carpenter and The New Evidence That Demands a Verdict

What began as a journal scratched onto four Taco Bell® napkins grew to a full-fledged account of one man’s desire to impress God. 

Is it even possible to impress God? Does he regret creating us with free will? Do nuns enjoy roller coasters? These are the types of burning questions Ouellette wrestles with, pokes at, and somewhat tackles.  It’s a wildly sarcastic yet wonderfully sincere book––written in a style some have compared to Donald Miller’s Blue Like Jazz—in which you journey into the mind of Matthew Ouellette…and perhaps your own.

The Grand Prize winner in the Deep River Books’ 2012 Writer’s Contest, this series of random thoughts is a blend of humor, truth . . . and tacos. Who knew that one could encounter such revelations over lunch? 

“Matt has mastered the overlooked and underutilized skill of seeing parables in the everyday around us. Thoughts That Fell From a Taco Shell is full of youthful exuberance and honest self-reflection. Matt is fearlessly himself, and this book is a testament to that. And tacos.”
—Scott Firestone IV, editor, Group Magazine and Unfiltered Magazine