Time For Three: God, My Spouse, and Me

ISBN: 978-1937756994

Author: Sam & Debbie Wood


365 Contemplations for Couples

Couples can fake their spirituality at church, at work, or with friends, but they cannot fake their Christianity in their home. A vertical relationship with the Lord must first be established and nourished before a healthy, loving relationship with each other can be fully achieved.

For more than twenty years, Family Fortress Ministries founders Sam and Debbie Wood have inspired thousands through their daily studies for couples.  Finally, here they are under one book— 365 devotions that offer a steady diet of nutritious marriage fundamentals to promote a healthy relationship for you and your spouse.

Time For Three: God, My Spouse and Me, Biblically faces marriage issues in a way that connects with a couple’s life, engaging their hearts with the hope and strength of the Lord. These devotions provide a daily mini Bible study that requires the readers to actually reference the passages of scripture, leading them to a deeper contemplation of the message. With heartwarming applications, Time For Three, God, My Spouse, and Me presents relatable explanations for the text by challenging readers with penetrating explanations of the Word leading couples to deeper intimacy with the Lord and each other.