Triumph Born of Ashes

Triumph Born of Ashes cover
ISBN: 9781940269610

Author: Ward B. Buckingham


Trooper Mike Buckingham’s Story

Washington State Trooper Mike Buckingham was an ordinary man, used by God to accomplish extraordinary things. On April 12, 1981, while in high-speed pursuit of a drunk driver, Mike’s patrol car crashed, bursting into flames. Despite sustaining painful and disfiguring injuries, Mike survived and dedicated the rest of his life to educating and inspiring others. With his joyful spirit and abundant optimism, he attracted others to his message of hope, and he delivered over 4,000 motivational speeches. His timeless message instilled the value of faith in action, finding purpose, making good choices, displaying unselfishness, and offering forgiveness.

In Triumph Born of Ashes, author Ward Buckingham doesn’t shy away from revealing his youngest brother’s human frailties as he responded to tremendous challenges in the aftermath of his accident. None of us are excluded from experiencing trials and tragedies in life, even those who lead courageously and serve selflessly. Even Christians. Trooper Mike Buckingham’s honest and deeply moving story helps others see beyond their own limited ability to make sense of life’s trials and offers motivation to leverage the worst for God’s best.

We are all just an accident away from eternity. Trooper Mike Buckingham’s heartwarming message equips people of all ages to emerge in triumph.

Author Bio

After retiring in 2005 from the solo practice of internal medicine and non-invasive cardiology, Dr. Ward Buckingham speaks and writes about ways to enhance patient healthcare safety, advocacy, and empowerment. Ward married his childhood sweetheart, helped raise their two daughters, and now he and his wife enjoy doing premarital training for engaged couples. They make their home in Spokane, Washington, where Ward enjoys mountain biking, kayaking, fly-fishing, and his eight grandchildren.

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