Two Minute Warning

ISBN: 978-1935265009

Author: Bill McCartney


After 13 years as the leader of the Promise Keepers movement, coach Bill McCartney found what he believes to be the priority in the racial reconciliation movement. His newfound passion led to the establishment of a new ministry called “The Road to Jerusalem” that seeks to reconcile Jewish believers and Gentile believers worldwide.

In Two Minute Warning, McCartney unveils the approaching revolutions that God is bringing to His church and how we can adapt to them and embrace them. Each of these revolutions has to do with the Christian church being thrust together with the Jew in the coming days. The last revolution –Provision–is a wonderful promise of God’s end-time protection and provision for any Gentile Christian willing to embrace Jews in their end-time plight.

He uses John 17:20-21 to illustrate that the key to world evangelism is the reconciliation of Jewish and Gentile believers and that until the two are united, God’s power can never be fully expressed on earth.Although the support of Israel receives broad acceptance from the Christian community, this timely message goes a step beyond and gives a biblical mandate for the Church to support the believing Jew, not just the national and political entity of Israel.

The book is co-written by Aaron Fruh, a two-time published author with Baker Publishing Group.