Unspoken Love

Unspoken Love by Danielle Shryock | Deep River Books
ISBN: 9781632694836

Author: Danielle Shryock


A Novel Based on a True Story

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Seefas wasn’t sure what to expect from his latest guardian angel assignment. The Lord had told him he would be protecting a little girl seen by the world as incomplete and imperfect; some would even say that she should not be given a chance to enter this world, which seemed simply unconscionable. He was prepared to go protect this little one with everything he had in him, but he was unprepared for the relationship he would develop with this precious child—a relationship unlike anything he had ever known.

Unspoken Love is a literary exploration of the true story of one family’s journey through loving and raising a child with a severely limiting health condition. Readers will see how God used one child’s precious broken life to touch the lives of those around her and marvel at the depth of her spiritual relationship with the Lord in the absence of any spoken language.

Unspoken Love can help all of us realize that God has a special purpose for each one of our lives.


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Author Bio

Danielle Shryock grew up as a child of missionary parents. After her dad retired from the Marines, her parents felt the Lord calling them to the mission field; less than a month later, they were in the Philippines with their four children. While there, they brought two more kids into their family. Danielle has lived in four countries and twenty different homes, and attended nine schools. She graduated with her bachelor’s degree in psychology. After graduating, she kept herself busy being a full-time mom to her three children. When her kids were young, she found herself a single mom. Fourteen years later she can look back and see how God blessed them in countless ways and is so thankful that all her children are walking with the Lord. Danielle works in children’s ministry at Good Shepherd Church in Boring, Oregon.

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