Voices of Virtue

ISBN: 978-1940269375

Author: Randy Traeger


Inspiring Stories of Character

Stories are a fun and effective way to “put the skin on” the moral lessons we want to convey to the young people in our lives. Historically, the purpose of stories and myths was to help impart universal truths or virtues through the observation of human behavior. Stories have the power to reach within us, stimulate our emotion, and compel our involvement.

Coach Randy Traeger, executive director of the Virtue First Foundation, has assembled a collection of short, entertaining stories—including some of our most beloved fables and folk tales—that will help reinforce positive character traits. Children from 3 to 103 will be inspired toward virtues such as honor, humility, self-discipline, and sympathy. Voices of Virtue is enjoyable on its own or as a companion resource to Traeger’s more comprehensive book, Building Character: One Virtue at a Time.

“Coach Traeger’s passion for virtue could change the world. This book will change your life . . . because that is what virtue has been doing since the beginning of time.” –Justin Fatica, international speaker and best-selling author of Hard as Nails

Author Bio

Randy Traeger is executive director of the Virtue First Foundation. Through his weekly internet broadcasts and speaking engagements around the country, Coach Traeger tackles head-on the moral challenges facing families and young people today. After 35 years as an award-winning high school football coach, he now implements his Virtue First curriculum at the collegiate level as the character coach and defensive line coach for his alma mater, Willamette University in Oregon. Randy is also a successful businessman (Traeger Grills), and a former mayor and volunteer firefighter for Mt. Angel, Oregon, where he resides with his wife, Lynnette. Randy and Lynette raised seven children.

Check out this article in Our Town about how faith helped Randy through the tough health situations he began to explain in the in the introduction to Fruit for the Spirit, Meat for the Grill: “Dodging Death—Randy Traeger Faces His Toughest Opponent” (page 18).

In September 2017, Traeger was interviewed on Mater Dei Radio about healing, the National Alliance for Character Development, and a few events related to his passion for building virtue in teens. Listen in here!

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