Walking the Bridge: My Story

ISBN: 978-1937756888

Author: Helen Julia Taylor


As a young child, Helen dreamed of living a big and bold life for the Lord. Although she grew up in a broken home, Helen pledged herself to Christ and longed to find spiritual meaning in an imperfect world. But at age eighteen, those dreams seemed far away as she stood on the edge of a bridge, ready to step into the darkness—ready to end her life.

Walking the Bridge is the triumphant true story of a girl coming of age in New Zealand. Author and life coach Helen Taylor shares her amazing and oftentimes heartbreaking, testimony of a life restored. While abused and ostracized by her own family, Helen discovers that she was never abandoned by her heavenly Father, who continued to love her and reveal Himself at all the right times.

As Helen found, the Christian walk is similar to a trek across a long bridge. It may feel shaky and unsure. The fog and high winds can be discouraging. We may be tempted to turn around and retreat to where we came from, where it appears safe. Sometimes we forget that Christ is the bridge and the only way to cross to restoration and peace. With Him, our footing is sure. The structure is strong. Walking the Bridge is an unforgettable story of faith and of a life worth living, one step at a time.

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