We’ve Not Been Listening—Book One: The Darkness

ISBN: 9781632695321

Author: Ron Brown


A Novel

St. Augustine Baptist Church, an African-American megachurch in the heart of Nashville, has served as a welcoming haven for its community for years. And seven years after the arrival of Bishop G. T. Thomas at St. Augustine, the church now had a new sanctuary, family life center, and four-story parking structure—not to mention that the congregation had grown from six hundred to twenty-four hundred members during that time. St. Augustine was an obvious success story, and many of its most active congregants basked in their church’s glory.


Suddenly, a strange and inexplicable event has left thousands suddenly missing and the city in chaos. Yet, many of those same prominent members at St. Augustine are still present, and dealing with the myriad crises this catastrophic event has left in its wake. It eventually becomes clear: the rapture of the saints has occurred, and many of those who considered themselves believers in Christ have been left behind.


Even as they encounter and often help others who have never known Christ, these folks who have been left behind are left to wrestle with a number of questions: Why am I still here? Didn’t see God see my attendance, my works, my doctrine? Am I an “exceptional sinner” because of what I’ve done or been? Do I have no hope of redemption now?


We’ve Not Been Listening, book one of The Darkness series, shines a light into the self-deceptive darkness of the human heart, by telling the story of churchgoing people who discover they have not been taken in the rapture. And yet, it is a story about God’s love and mercy and about the many chances He gives us—even when it seems we are out of chances.

Author Bio

Dr. Ron Brown, grandson of a Methodist minister, grew up in the church and learned at an early age the importance of being true to the one you serve.  His grandfather often quoted Psalms 127:1: “Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it; unless the Lord guards the city, the watchman stays awake in vain.” This verse stayed with Dr. Brown over the years, guiding him through his educational and career path, including becoming an author.


Dr. Brown is a Christian clinical psychologist in private practice in Knoxville, TN; he formerly served as Dean of Students at Knoxville College and Director of Counseling and Career Planning at SUNY Old Westbury. Dr. Brown earned his PhD from the University of Michigan, and his BA from Bishop College in Dallas. We’ve Not Been Listening is the first of three books in Dr. Brown’s The Darkness series. He is also the author of the book My Father Has Left Me . . . and I Am about to Go Off.  Dr. Brown is married and has a son.


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