What In the World Is Wrong?

ISBN: 978-1935265696

Author: Terry Toh


In times of uncertainty and turbulence, where can we find meaning and hope? With economic upheavals, terrorism threats, and increasing reports of natural calamities, the world is looking for a solution; one that cannot be found on any talk show, in any self-help article, or in any man. There is a silver lining that allows you to find true security, significance and peace and it’s found in God’s message of hope! What In The World Is Wrong? takes you on a journey to identify the real problems of the world today and looks at these contemporary issues from God’s perspective.

Reflecting on the first six chapters of Isaiah, Terry Toh reveals God’s message of hope for this generation. In it Toh gives practical applications to help us claim the Lords’ promises and to face life’s trials with courage and certainty. This inspiring book will challenge you to make a difference in this generation by becoming a messenger of hope to your community and will help you find true significance to experience the fullness of life.

Retail Price: $12.99