When Storms Come

ISBN: 9781940269535

Author: Kristin P. Snyder


Will You Be Ready?

Jesus does not say “If we face trouble. . . ” He guarantees trouble. Are you ready? The Bible says the righteous do not fear bad news. Does this describe you?

How can you face the inevitable with more faith than fear, and face the future with more trust than trepidation? And if you are working out the aftermath of unwelcome circumstances, what should you do? What should you learn?

When Storms Come: Will You Be Ready? will prepare you ahead of time to handle the inevitable storms that will come your way, and to emerge even stronger. Author and Bible teacher Kristin Snyder has weathered her own personal storms. Here, she gives you solid biblical tools so that you can too. First, an understanding that God is sovereign over everybody and everything all the time. Second, a soul-deep knowing that He loves you. Whatever is coming in the future, He promises to be there with you. He cares. He will never forsake you. His sovereign, loving purpose will prevail. He will walk with you through your pain and suffering to a place of safety and comfort, and to achieve His perfect will.

Author Bio

Kristin Snyder began by picking strawberries, then went on to obtain a doctorate in economics from the University of Colorado, complete countless management courses, and be appointed vice president in a major company. In her work environment, she helped many others develop their skills and advance in their careers. Kristin sailed through the storm of losing a job she loved in a company she loved. Now she is working to make retirement a success and applying her coaching expertise to help others prepare to sail through their own storms. A trained Precepts leader, Kristin has been leading in-depth Bible studies for over twenty years. She and her husband live in Colorado.

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