When We Were Young

ISBN: 9781632695383

Author: Jonathan Troll


A Novel

Matt Stevens was losing his family. And being no stranger to failed relationships, it came as no surprise to Matt when threats of divorce turned into plans to divorce his wife, Grace.  The plan was simple: just make it through Christmas so their two teenage children could have one more holiday with their parents together. But when Matt and Grace drink the contents of a mysterious gift left behind at their annual Christmas ball, they find themselves transformed into younger versions of themselves—the same ages as their adolescent children.

At a time when their faith in each other is at its weakest, now-teenage Matt and Grace—along with their own adolescent children—must put their differences aside, find trust in each other, and embark on a dangerous, cross-city journey to find answers and an antidote before time runs out.

Author Bio

In high school, Jonathan Troll was drawn to Jesus, people, and creative writing. So when it came time to apply for college admission, Northwest University was at the top of his list. There he pursued degrees in writing and psychology while attending chapel services on a mostly regular basis. As he earned his doctorate, he learned that each person has a unique and personal story to tell—a story worth hearing. Jon is a licensed psychologist in Washington State where he helps others navigate life through his work as a counselor. Jon enjoys spending time with family, volunteering with non-profits, and people watching at Seattle’s Pike Place Market. And while many other interests have attracted him over the years (stuntman, gymnast, and rock star just weren’t meant to be), Jon remains most drawn to Jesus, people, and creative expression through writing.

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