Where Jesus Leads

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ISBN: 9781632694331

Author: Jim Gettel


Helping Christian Communities to Follow

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What is the difference between a thriving church and one that’s static—or even crumbling? The right kind of leadership structure and vision can make all the difference. And the right type of structure and vision doesn’t start with the leaders themselves, but with Jesus Christ and his kingdom.

Christian leaders must continually follow Jesus and learn to lead alongside him. In Where Jesus Leads, Jim Gettel draws on Scripture to prepare readers to truly follow Jesus, build communities, make and strengthen disciples, and serve others in this exciting post-Christendom, post-Modern, emergent time. He starts by reviewing basic kingdom truths, giving leaders a solid theological foundation upon which to grow. Then he gives practical tips on how best to love and disciple people within the Christian community, as well as the greater communities. Finally, he equips leaders to nurture and guide other leaders, just as the earliest disciples did.

Where Jesus Leads weaves Scripture and kingdom vision into every section, so readers don’t lose sight of the big picture. But practical needs also remain at the forefront, through insights and tools for conflict resolution, organization, and ministry evaluation.

Each chapter includes questions for personal reflection and group discussion. These pave the way for essential conversations about gospel-based objectives and effective leadership practices, both in general and in the readers’ specific communities. Leadership teams will learn to identify the ways their Christian communities are called to serve, articulate their community visions, involve others, and lead Christian transformation.

Author Bio

Jim Gettel serves as the Canon for Congregational Life for the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan, helping ordained and lay Christian leaders to follow Jesus and lead loving communities that make a difference in the world.

As Jim helps other leaders, he draws on his own broad experience in entrepreneurship, organizational development, and leadership. In addition to church communities, he’s helped establish and lead Our Next Generation, a faith-based nonprofit that reaches inner-city children; two staffing companies with over 1,000 employees; an investment banking practice for Schenck M & A Solutions, one of the forty largest CPA and consulting firms in the country; and a commercial finance practice for Michael Best & Friedrich, one of the two hundred largest law firms in the country.

Jim received his BA in philosophy from Northwestern University in 1980 and went on to earn his JD and MBA from the University of Illinois in 1984. In addition to Where Jesus Leads, he has published two other books: The Fundamental Reform of Philosophy, and God’s Love, Human Freedom, and Christian Faith.

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