You Were Designed

Author: Jim Sinclair


This book, while rooted in science and math, reads like a cold-case mystery, slowly unfolding before your eyes. In You Were Designed: The Code is in Your Chemistry, author and radio technician Jim Sinclair unearths an improbable connection between two sets of numbers that at first glance appear to be completely unrelated. One set of numbers represents the electron distribution in the atoms of the chemical elements; the other is a code, buried in the original Hebrew and Greek texts of the Bible. Remarkably, these two sets of numbers correlate in a way that cannot be reasonably explained by random chance.

Is it a coincidence? Is there a scientific explanation for this extraordinary find? Or could it be something more—something, perhaps, divine and intentional? This is a book about codes and a profound enigma that justifies further thought and discussion. Like a good detective story, Sinclair systematically lays down clues from both sets of numbers and allows the reader to connect the dots. This book is not only of interest to all those who enjoy sinking their teeth into a thrilling mystery, but is also a vital resource document for those endeavoring to verify the divine inspiration of the Holy Scriptures. Glean from the information yourself, sift through and examine the facts, and align your own findings with the final verification and conclusion of the author. Now dig in and discover your personal mystery!

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