Contact Us - Contacting Deep River BooksWho You Gonna Email? Author Relations!

Like any publisher, Deep River Books has many departments. From editors to cover designers to accounts and ordering, identifying where your inquiries might best be directed can be difficult. Add to this DRB’s top-notch contractors and the problem might get even dicier.

But, about six months ago, DRB took this problem to task. Our solution? An Author Relations Coordinator who fields and directs queries no matter what department they fall under. If you find you have a question and don’t know whom to contact, just shoot an e-mail to authorrelations[at] Emily, our Author Relations Coordinator, monitors this inbox on a daily basis during the week. Though she may not have answers to every question, she’ll put you in contact with the department best suited to your needs.

Our goal here is always to serve our authors. And we fully appreciate that from the outside, a publisher can seem like a labyrinth of employees with very different fields of expertise. So, if you’re ever feeling a little lost, keep this resource in mind.

In fact, even if you’re fairly certain about who needs to address your e-mail, we still recommend cc’ing authorrelations[at] on all communiques. That way, even if you’ve misdirected your question, the process of redirecting it to the proper parties will already be in process.

Staying in communication is an important part of the publishing process. Knowing where to direct questions can save you time. And saving time means that you can spend more time polishing your next manuscript. So why not utilize every resource at your fingertips by contacting Deep River Books at authorrelations[at] whenever you have a question? You’ll be happy you did!

Remember, the e-mail you should contact is authorrelations[at] Emily is standing by to help you get your questions answered!