Deep River Books’ 2018 Contest!

Deep River Books is offering a publishing contract to the winning manuscript submission!

2018 Contest Winners Announced - Deep River Books' 2017 contest

DRB is looking for the next bestselling book to publish from a new author. A full publishing contract will be offered to the best manuscript. Second- and third-place manuscripts will be awarded prizes also. “Certificates of Merit” will be awarded to a limited number of runner-up contestants whose manuscripts are of merit but do not win the grand prize.

Please read the rules below carefully, as some rules are new to the 2018 contest, and some have changed.


Contest Rules

1) The contest will begin accepting submission on February 1st, 2018. Submissions will close at midnight (Pacific Time) on February 28th, 2018, after which the winner will be selected and announced on the DRB website in April of 2018.

2) A full publishing contract with Deep River Books will be offered to the best manuscript submitted.

3) The second- and third-place manuscripts will have the option of publishing with Deep River Books at a discount.

4) There will also be “Certificate of Merit” awards for runners-up whose manuscripts are of merit but did not win.

5) Entering the contest is free, but only one manuscript per author may be entered.

6) Manuscripts that were submitted in a previous DRB contest are not eligible for this year’s contest. Previous contestants may submit a NEW manuscript, but NO MANUSCRIPT that was entered in a previous contest may be entered again.

7) Entries will be accepted by email only.

8) Emailed entries MUST INCLUDE the author’s name, address, phone, and email address. Any entries that do not contain this information will be rejected.

9) The manuscript must be attached to the entry email, preferably in one double-spaced document in MS Word format.

10) Non-Fiction manuscripts must be a minimum of 30,000 words. Fiction manuscripts must be at least 50,000 words.

11) Any emailed entries that do not submit the above information and materials will be rejected without notice to the contestant.

12) All entries will be judged by a group of independent judges selected by Deep River Books, and their decision is final.

13) The winner will be offered a publishing contract that includes all the advantages of the partner publishing program (editing, cover design, eBook conversion, marketing, distribution, and much more). The winner is under no obligation to accept this contract. Second- and third-place awards will be offered as discounts on a publishing agreement, which will only be awarded if the author decides to publish with DRB. All Certificate of Merit winners will be offered the option of a standard DRB partner-publishing contract in addition to their certificate. However, no author who enters the contest is under any obligation to publish a book with DRB.

14) Entries will be accepted for new, previously unpublished manuscripts only. No books previously published (either self-published or published by another standard publisher) are eligible to enter the 2018 contest.

15) Current DRB and TrustedBooks authors may enter new manuscripts in the contest, but not manuscripts already under contract with DRB or with any other publisher. Employees of DRB and freelance vendors of DRB are not eligible to enter the contest.

16) Only Christian and Inspirational books that fit with DRB’s Statement of Faith will be considered.

17) Both fiction and non-fiction manuscripts are eligible to enter.

18) Persons entering the contest must be at least 18 years of age.

19) This contest is for promotional purposes, to expose authors to Deep River Books’ publishing services. However, there is no obligation on the part of any author to publish a manuscript with Deep River Books, and all awards will be given as specified above. All non-winning entries, including electronic copies of all manuscripts submitted to the contest, will be deleted/destroyed 30 days following the end of the contest. No materials will be returned to the author. This offer is void where prohibited by law. Please note, we are unable to accept children’s picture book entries for this contest.

Manuscripts meeting the above criteria may be sent to, on or after February 1, 2018. Please include the form below in your email.

To enter, copy and paste the form below into your email and complete this information.


Contact Information

Your Name:



Email Address:

Date of Entry:


Biographical Information

Current Position:

Education Background:

Previous Publications, if any:


The Manuscript

Tentative Title:

Category: (Fiction, Non-Fiction)

Sub Category: (Inspirational, Marriage-Family, Romance Fiction, etc.)

Subject: (In a sentence, what is your manuscript about?)

Manuscript length: (in # of words)

Brief Synopsis or Summary Description:

Who would be the primary target market for this manuscript?


Please attach a copy of your manuscript to your reply email as a single separate document, double spaced, in MS Word format, if possible. Do not mail your manuscript. We only accept contest entries via email.


Email your entry to and mark the subject “CONTEST.”