Free Quarterly WebcastsDeep River Books is excited to announce that we have officially contracted with Litfuse Publicity Group to provide our authors with free quarterly webcasts.*. These seminars will run for about an hour, and cover issues related to marketing and PR.

Litfuse hails from Seattle, and specialize in marketing and publicity for authors and publishers. Recently, we also added them as our go-to resource for authors in need of specialized coaching. Since then, they’ve  impressed us with their knowledgeability and professionalism.

We hosted our first live webcast through Litfuse on March 31st. Its topic was “Facebook 101: How to Promote Yourself Without Being an Advertisement.”. Although the date for our next one is still being solidified (along with its topic), we expect it to happen sometime in June. If you feel intrigued by our premiere topic, we’re sure you’ll find subsequent ones just as interesting.

If you’re interested—

Something important to remember:. even if you cannot physically attend a webcast, you should still sign up. That will ensure you receive a link to the webcast after it has happened.

So, be sure to keep your eyes open for e-mails about our webcasts in the future. If you have a topic you would especially like to hear covered, drop us a line at authorrelations[at], and we’ll be sure to pass your idea along to Litfuse’s team.

As always, our commitment is not only publishing your work, but also developing you as an author who understands how to get their work noticed. In many ways, publishing a book is a bit like starting a business. In our fast-paced, technology laden world, everyone must keep up with current best practices. What better way to do this than by learning from a publicity group that deals with this industry daily?

We hope you take part in this exciting opportunity, and we’ll see you at the next webcast!

*Webcasts are only accessible to former and current Deep River Books authors.