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The Third Book in Jeff Dixon’s Best Selling Kingdom series

Storming the Kingdom


pastedGraphic.pdfGrayson Hawkes considered the cryptic clue: “Your journey so far was just the start, to bring you to this crossroads. You had to be entrusted with the things Walt created before you could be entrusted with the secrets of Walt himself. I know that doesn’t make a lot of sense to you . . . yet. But trust me, it will.” Hawk’s wildest dream was fulfilled when he was placed in charge of the international entertainment empire Walt Disney created. But living the dream is not only hard work— it’s dangerous business, because the heroes and villains surrounding Hawk are very real, and they’re playing for keeps.

In Storming the Kingdom, the much-anticipated third adventure in the Dixon On Disney series (The Key to the Kingdom; Unlocking the Kingdom), author Jeff Dixon once again blends fact, history, and Disney trivia together to draw an action-packed page turner. This time, Hawk must solve a mystery that will drive him into a past he never knew existed, to change a future where the entire world is depending on him. Racing against the forces of evil, the hands of time, and the fury of nature, Hawk must navigate the blurry line between right and wrong, trusting that his beliefs, his wisdom, and his uncanny knowledge of all things Disney will help him protect a shocking secret—something conspiracy theorists have speculated about for years. But how far is Hawk willing to go? Is he willing to die?



pastedGraphic_1.pdfJeff Dixon – Orlando Florida

Jeff Dixon is the senior equipping minister of Covenant Community Church in Central Florida. Jeff earned a graduate degree in theological education from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. He is a native of Orlando, Florida and got the opportunity to spend time in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom before it opened to the general public.   Later he would work in the theme park and spend many memorable moments in the resort. With his love for storytelling, Jeff has created a series of adventures that will transport you to Walt Disney World, where you’ll experience it all with a renewed sense of awe and amazement.     Previously Published Titles from Jeff Dixon:

  •     Storming the Kingdom, Deep River Books 2012
  •     From The Key to the Kingdom, Deep River Books 2010


Suggested Interview Questions for Jeff Dixon, Author of Storming the Kingdom

Q. What will readers find when the open up one of your books? A. Fun, mystery, and adventure. Each book is loaded with action, some characters that most readers can identify with, and tons of locations and trivia about Walt Disney, Walt Disney World, and real places in and around Central Florida. Each story is designed to ignite the imagination and allow the reader to take an action filled vacation with the flip of each page in the number one vacation destination in the world.

Q. What exactly is your series of Disney books about? A. The latest release, Storming the Kingdom, is the third book that I have written built around every Disney fan’s dream… what if they were given the keys to the kingdom? In other words, what would happen if they were suddenly put in charge of the Disney empire and what if they had been selected to do so by Walt himself. Now, that storyline and background has been developed in the Key to the Kingdom and Unlocking the Kingdom. I think the books allow readers a couple of ways to connect. First, if they are just looking for a mystery thriller set in real places around Central Florida and Walt Disney World – then they can pick up any of the books and jump right in. Second, if they are wanted to grab a story that takes them back in time and connects the life and history of Walt Disney with today – then they can get involved in a completely different mystery trying to unravel the elaborate plan that ties all three books together.

Q. Your books have been called works of “faction”- can you explain that term? A. I think the phrase that has been thrown around is that the book is “factual fiction.” So, when you combine it – you get – faction. That is an accurate description of the stories.  You can go and find the bulk of the trivia details in the story and actually take the same journey that Hawk takes around Disney property. Since Walt Disney World is always changing, expanding, and improving, there will be some things that might disappear. But, I tried to use trivia that would stand the test of time. Now to be fair, there are a few items that are merely creations that were drawn up in my own imagination. Part of the fun for the reader will be to decide what is real and what is made up. They can check the facts for themselves.   Q. Why are you so fascinated with storytelling? A. As a preacher it is my calling each week to tell the greatest story ever told! I want to do that in ways that are creative and will connect with the culture and audience. Jesus used stories to illustrate and bring to life the concepts He was trying to get His listeners to understand, and I want to use stories to do the same. I believe that one of the most influential storytellers in recent history has been Walt Disney, and I think the company still sets the standard of how to tell stories better than everyone else. I have always looked for hints and helps to model in my stories. In the art of storytelling used by Disney I have no problem finding them.   Q. What is so intriguing to you about Walt Disney World? A. In many ways to me it is a magical place. I have many great memories there. Times spent with family and friends, adventures and vacations, and the illusion of being transported to a different world when you visit there amazes me. I also had the chance to grow up as Walt Disney World was being built and have seen it change and evolve through the years. My first job was working there and I got bring a “character” to life. It was great fun then and still great fun for me to go there with my kids to this day. There is no place quite like it anywhere else.   Q. In Storming the Kingdom you introduce us to a little bit more of Walt Disney’s life and times-why did you do that? A. I think I have done a bit of that in each of the books, the latest book turns open a chapter of Walt’s life that I think is essential in understanding the man himself. Walt Disney was a man who was able to shape culture. Movers and shakers from all over the globe, from all walks of life, connected with Walt. I think the reasons they connected with him are important. Beyond that, I think there are valuable life lessons that we can learn from the life, times, and history of other people. As a leader, as a person of change, and as a force in the culture-Walt Disney lived a life that we can draw many lessons from. Not the usual kind of stuff that is often repeated in the media reports, but deeper lessons that allow us a glimpse into the depth of his life.   Q. In Storming the Kingdom you mention a place called Christmas Dreams – is that real or a creation of fiction? A. Christmas Dreams is a themed resort that is going to be built designed for chronically ill children and their families. In the story, the lead character Grayson Hawkes is involved in trying to help them. In real life, I am one of the board members who have helped to start this ministry. Currently, Christmas Dreams is working with the Walt Disney Children’s Pavilion at Florida Hospital providing “Dream boxes” for very ill children in the hospital environment. Christmas Dreams also is providing Christmas experiences for these children in their homes. Eventually there will be an indoor immersive theme park designed where these very special kids can come and spend days at the North Pole with their families. It is a big and exciting dream that is having a huge impact. So it is very real and I am honored to be a part of it. Q. The lead character is a pastor. People have loved the character Hawk, where did he come from? A. My imagination. He is a blend of people and characters I have met over time. I wanted readers to have a very real and human lead character to take each adventure with. Hawk is that guy. He struggles, he stumbles, and he is doing the best He can to live his life by faith in some unbelievable circumstances. His adventurous spirit is born out of his passion to follow Jesus and I think you get a sense of that in the story. He doesn’t pretend to be perfect but instead readily admits that he is on a journey just like everyone else.   Q. Why do you think the Christian community is so fascinated with Walt Disney and the worlds he has created? A. There are a variety of reasons and they will vary from person to person. I think in a word – quality. The name Disney carried with it a certain expectation. There are times when they live up to the reputation and other times they don’t. That is the risk and responsibility of carrying the name Disney. But if you think about it. The body of Christ should be just as serious about the things that we allow our names to be associated with. Rarely does the culture default to thinking about Christians and quality in the same sentence. That is not fair or accurate, but often it is the reality. I think in one sense, we can see the importance of storytelling, paying attention to detail, and creating moments that people remember in the world of Walt Disney. Those are things as a pastor and teacher I strive to create as well.

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