Hello there, readers! Can you believe it’s December already? That means many things: Christmas, awkward family get togethers, New Year’s resolutions, and lots of delicious food. Rivercourse also has a couple of updates.

First off, Deep River Books has a new mailing address. If you want to get in touch with us by snail mail, please use P.O. Box 310, Sisters, OR 97759 from now on.

Now for the big news…

This issue marks the six-month anniversary of Rivercourse!

Rivercourse is Six!

Since we started back in June, we’ve truly enjoyed seeking out helpful tips and new trends for you each issue. We’ve also interviewed some amazing people. We walked back in time with Rebekah Byrd and Charlene Quint, traveled to a fantasy world with Julie Hall, and landed right smack in the middle of important current issues with Missy Kifetew and Welby O’Brien. And this month we talked memoir and therapy with Jessica Ronne. We hope you’ve picked up some encouragement or new ideas along the way.

Now, we’re looking forward to beginning volume two next month, with a slew of new authors to interview and our usual industry insights and marketing tips.

Going into the new year, we wanted to take this time to remind you that Rivercourse is for you. And that means that we want to cover topics that are pertinent and helpful. If you have an idea for an article, or are itching to know more about a topic, don’t hesitate to contact our editor with your insight.

Or, if there’s something you think we missed in a piece, let us know that too. Basically, if you love it, if you don’t, or if you feel ambivalent, but think you know how we could improve, give us a shout.

Our insight for this month boils down to this: make Rivercourse, or any publication that you read, work for you by contacting the people who can make changes.

You can contact our editor by replying to the Newsletter e-mail, or at AuthorRelations[at]deepriverbooks.com.

New to the party? Want to see what you missed? Back issues from volume one are easily available. Simply contact us at the e-mail above and let us know what what strikes your fancy.