Prayer Requests Welcome!

Prayer Requests WelcomeEach week, the Deep River Books team gathers together for a staff meeting. It’s a fairly standard business affair. Since most of us work remotely, this is our chance to discuss strategies and issues face to face. Unlike most companies, before we ever get to our agenda, we read a devotional and we pray.

Often our prayers concern our team, business, or requests for wisdom in how to better serve our authors. But there are also times when we are alerted by an author or business contact that they are in need. Without hesitation, we cover them in prayer as well.

With that in mind, we wanted to publicly extend an offer to anyone receiving this newsletter, or reading this post: your prayer requests are welcome!

Whether you’ve already published a book with us, are in the midst of the process, or just like the monthly tips we send out, we are ready to add your request to our weekly list.

If you are in need of prayer, simply e-mail whatever details you choose to authorrelations[at] with the subject line “PRAYER REQUEST.” Emily, the Author Relations Coordinator, will add your request to our prayer time. Although specifics, such as the names of those in need, are helpful, if you feel uncomfortable disclosing that information don’t worry. Rest assured that we will still lift up your situation in prayer.

Prayer is an incredible gift from God. Through Jesus’ sacrifice, we are able to approach the throne with our requests. Deep River Books is proud to be a business that prays often, and we would be honored to pray for you.

As always, blessings to you! We hope you have a great month.

Remember, the e-mail is authorrelations[at], and the subject line is “PRAYER REQUEST.” We look forward to hearing from you.