November 2017

We do our best to share insight and tips to help you in your author journey. But our advice comes chiefly from the perspectives of publishing professionals. Sometimes, it’s better for writers to hear about strategy and success from each other. That’s where you come in. We’d love to hear about your promotional success stories, however big or small—whether you were promoting a book published with DRB or one published elsewhere. If you don’t think you have anything worthwhile to share, consider these questions:

  • Have you tried a promotional strategy that paid off?
  • Have you persuaded a bookstore to carry your book?
  • Did you use a social media campaign that garnered more feedback or website traffic?
  • How have you built on your previously existing platform as a speaker, business owner, or pastor?
  • How have you overcome your insecurities in order to promote your book?
  • What’s one thing you wish you’d understood about book promotion when you first started?

Send a brief (or long) email to authorrelations [at] with your success story or tip, and you could be quoted in the next newsletter!