Angels of Ebermannstadt

Angels cover
ISBN: 978-1937756475

Author: Charlene Quint


D-Day (June 6, 1944) marked a turning point for America in World War II. It also marked a turning point in the life of Charlene’s father, who, like many veterans, had never discussed his years in “The Big One,” as he called it. With the 60th anniversary of D-Day dawning, Charlene and her father set out on a quest to retrace his steps through Europe–from London through Normandy, to Berlin. His journey had a profound impact on his life then, and Charlene yearned to know what had made him the man he was today.

During his contemplative and emotional farewell tour, her father’s life came full circle, as he had the privilege at the sunset of his life of reflecting upon the exponential effect of the good works borne from his abiding faith that he had done as a young man. Along the way, Charlene discovered the depths of her dad’s faith–a light that shined even in the darkness of war through kindnesses shown, promises kept, and lifelong friendships made in the lands he was charged with liberating. What had left a lasting impression on the life of her father would forever change her own.

“Of all the good gifts that God gives us, perhaps no gift is sweeter than the gift of friendship.”
—Charlene Quint.

The people that God puts in our paths–the friends who are his hands and feet, and his angels here on earth – are some of his sweetest gifts. Angels of Ebermannstadt is a timeless story of how God can use each of us wherever we are if we only let him–even an ordinary man of faith in an extraordinary time of war.

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