Beauty Unleashed

ISBN: 978-1933204406

Author: Heidi McLaughlin


Every woman yearns to be beautiful both inside and out, and yet we can’t seem to find the magic formula. So many solutions are available at our fingers tips, yet our souls seem emptier than ever.

From the day we come into this world, our need for love and affirmation is so great that we instinctively manipulate people to love us and rescue us from our pain. Despite the unparalleled opportunities for freedom, happiness and fulfillment available to women, many continue to stay mired in depression, anger and hopelessness. To protect our heart, we have learned to lock away our natural God-given beauty by pretending to be the person the world would approve of. Sadly, we have lost our magnificent true self along the way.

God created us in His image, and the essence of God is beauty; therefore, you and I are beautiful. It is already there; we just need to allow the touch of God to reveal it to us and unleash it.