From #Selfie to Selfless

From #Selfie to Selfless by Kristen Perino | Deep River Books
ISBN: 9781632694546

Author: Kristen Perino


Living the Life You Were Created For

Living in a world where “selfies” are glorified, personal opinions are amplified, and society is unashamedly selfish, where do we find our meaning and purpose?

This is not a self-help book. Kristen Perino has tried helping herself unlimited times, but it got her nowhere. So she writes From #Selfie to Selfless as a God-help book, because God rescues us in the chaos and changes selfish stories into legacies. Kristen knows a bit about that, she writes, because she has “nearly perfected the art of being selfish.” And she’s learned a few things along the way.

So while Kristen hasn’t written a self-help book, she does share many ways God has helped her become less selfish in all areas of her life, from social media to work to volunteering. And as she shares her mistakes and lessons, she encourages readers to consider how they may be selfish and open themselves to God’s help as well.

From #Selfie to Selfless takes an authentic, personal look at areas where we can quit the filtering frenzy and shift our gaze from inward to upward, resulting in a more fulfilled, confident, purpose-driven life. Join Kristen in her journey from #Selfie to Selfless and discover the joy that comes with it. To help you on your own journey, each chapter ends with a few reflection questions and a #TruthToRemember.

Author Bio

Kristen Perino is a Hawaii-born, California-raised youngest of three and a very proud auntie. With an incredible talent for running in heels and a knack for being perfectly imperfect, she obtained what she claims is a PhD in Selfishness from Self-Centered University. Before that fictional PhD, Kristen attended California State University, Northridge, with a major in journalism, and then graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles.

She’s worked in the fashion industry for over a decade. During that time, God has given her a passion and mission field in LA. Her heart for leading young women to be all they were created to be, desire to spread authenticity in the Christian community, and drive to inject the world with love keep her happily zipping around her beloved City of Angels.

Instagram: @selfietoselfless

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