On Broken Pieces

On Broken Pieces | Deep River Books
ISBN: 9781632694591

Author: Joshua A. McClure


Finalist in the “Health: Aging/50+” and “Religion: Christian Inspirational” categories of the 2018 International Book Awards!

In the 27th chapter of Acts, Luke describes how the apostle Paul and his shipmates endure a storm-tossed shipboard voyage to Rome. They commit the ship to the sea and themselves into the hands of God. The ship is broken into pieces—not to destroy them, but to save them, for some reached the safety of shore on planks and debris from the broken ship. They came in on broken pieces.

Award-winning author Joshua A. McClure was compelled by a vision from God to share encouraging words with all who desire release from their prisons of despair to the land of hope and freedom. Here he shares 32 years of transforming messages from the Pleasant Street Baptist Church pulpit after frequent encounters with a loving, caring God. The sermons collected within these pages are simple, clear, and personal. It is Joshua’s hope and prayer that God will use these simple words to resurrect the hearts of those who have been waiting and longing for him.

Throughout the ages, multitudes have found strength, beauty, hope, and encouragement in the 150 songs of praise we know as the Book of Psalms. This book is divided into four parts. Each part contains five uplifting sermon messages and is headed by an excerpt from the Psalms to meditate upon throughout the reading of that part of the book. Seek out a quiet place; take time to absorb the wisdom of the Psalms; reflect on their promise of hope and comfort. Be enthralled by their remedies for life, while giving thanks with your whole heart to God for his unfailing love and faithfulness.

Many are asking, “Is there life after 50?” This book will inspire you to discover just how amazing life in Jesus can be, at any age.

Author Bio

Joshua A. McClure served 27 years as Senior Pastor at The Pleasant Street Baptist Church, Westerly, Rhode Island. He was a successful businessman until December 1976, when God revealed His “vision of ministry” to him. Joshua returned to school, graduating with a BA in Biblical Studies from Barrington College, receiving the school’s Biblical studies award. He later studied at Andover Newton Theological School and received a Certificate of Advanced Theological Studies. In 2010 he received the First Annual Heroes of Faith Life Achievement Award, by the Rhode Island State Council of Churches. Joshua has been awarded Doctor of Theology and Doctor of Christian Education degrees by the Evangelical Theological College of Africa, Ibadan Nigeria.

He has authored six books, Can These Bones Live?, Almost Persuaded: Now To Believe, The Crimson Thread of the Bible, Who Do You Say I AM?, Made for Glory: In the Image and Likeness of God, and his latest book, On Broken Pieces.

Joshua lives in Bradford, Rhode Island, with his wife, Ida.

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