Real Talk

Real Talk by Mark C. Good, PhD
ISBN: 978-1632694386

Author: Mark Good


Creating Space for Hearts to Change

Healing conversations touch our brokenness and suffering. They are real. When they happen we know it immediately, and we are grateful.

On the road to Emmaus, Jesus joined two hurting men on their path, walked with them, and asked questions. He revealed things to them about himself and themselves—both through the Scriptures and through the way he walked and talked with them. By the end of the conversation, their hearts were on fire.

In Real Talk, Mark Good shares valuable tools he has used successfully for decades in counseling individuals and families–skills that help us slow down, come alongside others, and communicate in meaningful ways. Using Real Talk’s four perspectives and three skills equips us to help people settle, articulate what is happening inside them, and face some of the broken ways they are living. Many have found that Real Talk builds caring relationships, where hearts get mended and personal growth happens. It enables others to make better decisions, discover new ways to include Jesus in their lives, and deepen their enjoyment of people and life.

Clinicians and lay counselors are using Dr. Good’s Real Talk as part of biblically grounded therapy. It’s also for parents, pastors, teachers, and anyone who desires to have constructive heart-to-heart conversations and love others well.

Author Bio

Mark Good (BA, Mathematics, Cornell University; MA, Religion and Counseling, Covenant Theological Seminary; PhD, Social Work, University of Maryland) is a board-certified diplomate in clinical social work. He has worked with couples, families, and individuals in the Annapolis community since 1978 in private practice. He has taught at Chesapeake Theological Seminary and University of Maryland, and presented four professional papers at the first and second International Congress on Christian Counseling as well as one AACC World Conference.

Through CornerStone Institute, which he co-founded, Mark leads workshops and retreats for lay-counseling skills and marriage enrichment, and he has made a number of radio and television appearances. He has served on the board of trustees for Covenant College and several advisory committees.

Mark and his wife, Susan, have three married children and nine grandchildren, one of whom died at birth. They love biking and leading marriage workshops where couples practice Real Talk. Some of Mark’s favorite sayings are: “The person is more important than the problem;” “Everyone walks through life a little differently;” and “Maybe you’re right!”

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