Redrick Raccoon and the Christmas Mystery

ISBN: 9781632694515

Author: Karen H. Monteith & Christopher J. Padgett


Redrick Raccoon and Henley Groundhog are nearly ready for Christmas, but Henley needs help keeping a promise so that no one will miss out on the wonder and mystery.

This delightful Christmas story portrays the merits of keeping one’s promises, and the strength of friendship, kindness, and working together as a team, while bringing to life a new world of lovable characters and beautiful forest scenes. The story gently guides young readers to the true meaning of Christmas in the simplest terms. It’s a cozy story for a cozy season.

This high-spirited and beautifully illustrated children’s book will engage the imagination of young readers and listeners. You will find yourself wanting to dive into Berry Hollow, with its lovable characters and quaint charm, again and again this Christmas, and for many to come.

Author Bio

Karen H. Monteith has a BA in English from Western Carolina University. She has always loved literature, particularly fairy tales. In 2009, she began writing children’s stories, and eventually discovered her lively little raccoon character—a fixture in her writing ever since. She and her husband reside in western North Carolina.

Illustrator Bio

Christopher J. Padgett began drawing as a young child and continued in the visual arts as a photojournalist for newspapers into college, where he earned a BFA in film with a concentration in animation at Columbia College of Chicago. Christopher has always loved children, and his dream came true when he became a father to a red-headed, blue-eyed girl named Annette. Some nights when she had a hard time sleeping, she asked for him to draw beside her, and Annette contributed here and there to help bring the illustrations of Redrick and his friends to life.

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