The Eternity Portfolio, Illuminated

ISBN: 9781940269658

Author: Alan Gotthardt



The Eternity Portfolio, Illuminated

A Practical Guide to Investing Your Money for Ultimate Results

Alan Gotthardt , John C. Maxwell (Foreword)


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Introducing the Illuminated Edition
More than a decade ago, The Eternity Portfolio presented a groundbreaking framework for managing your money intentionally to invest in God’s kingdom. Grounded in the historical Christian belief that to the extent we have food, clothing, and shelter, we must decide what to do with the “excess,” financial advisor Alan Gotthardt cast a vision for God’s kingdom as the ultimate investment opportunity for that excess, whether $100 or $1 million.

Gotthardt’s flexible, practical strategy will equip anyone with the tools to make an Eternity Portfolio an integral part of a solid financial plan. Times change and methods change, yet biblical principles endure. Building on the framework of the first edition, the author has expanded and illuminated the content based on more than a decade of observations, questions, and experience engaging audiences and advising families. This new edition also features seven other world-class, kingdom investors who add their perspective with annotations throughout.

Gotthardt delves deeper into questions such as:
“How much is enough?”
“How do I balance my Family Portfolio with my Eternity Portfolio?”
“Isn’t it selfish to seek eternal rewards?”
“How should entrepreneurs allocate capital between kingdom enterprises?”
“When it comes to selecting recipients, how do I give wisely?”
“How do I help without hurting?”
“Have things changed since the Great Recession?”
“How do I teach my children about generosity?”

Never before in history have so many Christians—rich and poor—been focused on stewarding their material possessions in light of Christ’s kingdom. Now The Eternity Portfolio, Illuminated brings expanded insight to empower those already on the journey of generosity, as well as wisdom for the coming generations who desire to be intentional about their finances in light of eternity.

Contributor Bios
Educated at the University of Georgia, Alan also completed investment analyst training at the Wharton School. He holds a number of professional designations and began his career as a Certified Public Accountant in the San Jose, California office of Ernst & Young, LLP. In addition to his passion for kingdom investing, Alan Gotthardt is having the time of his life studying business, investment markets, and behavioral economics as co-founder and chief investment officer of TriniD Capital, a private investment company. Formerly the president of Brightworth, Alan has been listed in Robb Report Worth magazine as one of the Nation’s 100 Most Exclusive Wealth Advisors and was part of the leadership team that built Brightworth into a nationally recognized wealth management firm. Alan serves a number of nonprofit organizations as a board member or volunteer advisor. He and his wife, Melissa, have three almost-grown children and live in suburban Atlanta, Georgia.

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