The Next Nuclear War: Are We on the Edge of the End Times?

ISBN: 978-1940269092

Author: Steve Ashburn


Are We on the Edge of the End Times?

The next nuclear war will begin the End Times. We are rapidly approaching this period that the Bible refers to as “the time of the end.” This 40-year period will commence with war in the Middle East and include the Rapture and the Great Tribulation. It will end with the glorious Second Coming of Christ.

The Next Nuclear War describes the End Times period as compiled from the Old Testament prophecies. Author Steve Ashburn provides a systematic and concise examination of each prophecy and places them in relation to the final timeline. A must read for this day, in preparing for that day!

After reading The Next Nuclear War, Christians will understand:

  • The definition of End Times and similar terms in the Bible which relate to the 40-year period of history that ends human self-government and begins government under the Lord Jesus Christ himself.
  • The role of various nations such as Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Lebanon, Syria, Gaza, and West Bank. The Bible describes these nations as attacking Israel at the beginning of the End Times conflict.
  • The role of the United States as leader of the coalition invasions of Iraq (1991, 2003) and of the third and final invasion as described in Jeremiah.

“This is quite a provocative look at things to come from this point to Christ’s Second Advent and beyond. In The Next Nuclear War: Are We on the Edge of the End Times?, Steve Ashburn provides unique, groundbreaking food for thought, as this generation moves ever closer to the final hours of this dispensation.”—Terry James, co-partner in; author of The American Apocalypse

“The Next Nuclear War: Are We on the Edge of the End Times? is a factual presentation of the times in which we live. The author has brought concrete evidence proving Bible prophecy is coming to pass in this present generation. Mr. Ashburn has brilliantly tied in biblical history and made the connections to the coming events which have not yet been fulfilled. This book is a must read for anyone who doesn’t know about the future Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38 wars yet to be fought.”—Frank DiMora, author of The Last Chronicles of Planet Earth