Current Discount Schedule for DRB Author Copies

1000-1999 copies …. 30% off retail

2000-2999 copies …. 40% off retail

3000-3999 copies …. 50% off retail

4000-4999 copies …. 55% off retail

5000-7500 copies …. 60% off retail

7501-9999 copies …. 67% off retail

10000+ copies …. 75% off retail


NOTE: The price per book is less when ordering more because the big difference lies in the up-front initial costs. Once the press is running, the cost is paper and ink. For example, if your book were a standard trade paperback between 150-225 pages and it retailed for $14.99, your price would be 30% off of $14.99 if you order 1000 copies. If you order 5000 copies, your discount would be 60% off the $14.99 retail price. (Don’t overlook the fact that if you sell your copies at retail, you stand to make a substantial profit.)