Author Ken Burge is Setting the Word on F.I.R.E.front cover of Devotions on F.I.R.E. by Dr. Ken J. Burge Sr.


Oswald Chambers wrote, “Sow the Word of God and sure as God is God, it will bring forth fruit.”[1] Dr. Ken J. Burge, Sr. has spent a lifetime sowing God’s Word through his many books and ministry. Ken’s seven books (soon to be eight) come out of a passion to help others accurately interpret and apply the Bible to their lives. His training at Dallas Theological Seminary and five theological degrees, plus 27 years of pastoral ministry, provide rich material for his books in the F.I.R.E series.

His first book was Preaching with F.I.R.E.’s E.T.A. (seven-steps to sermon preparation). Following that came five Bible study guides:  Ephesians on F.I.R.E; 1 John on F.I.R.E, Philemon, 2 John, 3 John, and Jude on F.I.R.E. and Revelation on F.I.R.E. Volume 1 and Volume 2. Ken’s seventh book, Devotions on F.I.R.E.: A Daily Devotional and 365-Day Plan to Read Through the Bible, is available now. Ken’s eighth book, Devotions on F.I.R.E. Year Two will be published next year. The F.I.R.E principles are: Familiarity (questions to become acquainted with each passage); Interpretation (determine the meaning of the text); Relationship (consider the context to the whole of scripture); and Employment (how God can employ you to do his will through your understanding of the text).

We caught up with Ken after Thanksgiving to find out more of his story.


Ken, where were you born and brought up?

I was born in Pottsville, Pa. My grandfathers were coal miners and my father wanted a better life for his family, so he became a District of Columbia police officer. Consequently, I grew up in the small town of Riverdale Park, Maryland. Kimberly is my lovely bride of 35 years. We’ve been privileged to rear three sons (and now have two grandchildren, with two more on the way).  Our oldest son, (Joshua) and youngest son (Kenny, Jr.) serve in the church I pastor. Josh is a senior financial analyst with AARP and Kenny serves as our church’s associate pastor. Daniel, my middle son, just received his PhD from the University of Alabama and teaches at the college. We are hoping for the entire family to be together for Christmas. We’ve missed not having Daniel with us but recognize the Lord’s grace in his life to be a history scholar at age 30.


When did the Scriptures first become alive to you?

I wasn’t much of a student in high school. My best friend was attending the church I now pastor (Colmar Manor Bible Church). He introduced me to the Word of God and my heart came to life. Mom and Dad who had brought me up in the traditions passed down to them were amazed when I read the family Bible from cover to cover. Once I came to know the Lord, there was no quenching my thirst for His Word. The practicality of God’s Word still causes me to awe. Working through a passage from translating the text from Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek to showing the employment points still makes this experienced pastor marvel. The Bible is rich with application for modern living.


Tell us about “Devotions on F.I.R.E.”

As a pastor, I’ve discipled men for decades. The Lord burdened me to write devotions for twelve men, which would take them through the Bible in one year and give them a focal point with my daily devotion. My wife Kimberly, who also received the daily devotion, encouraged me to put the individual devotions in a book. It has been my privilege to read through the Bible over 60 times in 40 years and to learn the original languages of the Bible. Devotions on F.I.R.E. gives an assigned Old Testament and New Testament portion to read each day. Each devotion begins with a thought-provoking question that will be answered from the passages assigned. Then I give a teaching based upon either the Old or New Testament text and finish with an employment point, which is the daily application. Currently, several churches have committed to having their congregations read through the Bible in one year with Devotions on F.I.R.E. My prayer is that God would bring us a revival based upon a daily encounter with the living God through the Scriptures.


What do you do for fun?

Growing up I was an avid sports fan and particularly enjoyed playing tennis and baseball. I couldn’t afford to play indoor tennis during the winter months, so I took up weightlifting. Three times a week for over four decades, I lift weights and do cardio work. My life’s work has been academic, and I enjoy doing no-brainer activity to keep the mind and body in sync. Also, I love dating my wife and we’ve had a date night weekly for 35 years. Playing with my grandchildren Kylee (age 4) and Carter (age 2) is exhilarating.


Thank you, Dr. Ken Burge, for investing the Word of God in so many lives.


[1] The Oswald Chambers Devotional Reader, Chosen and Edited by Harry Verploegh; Oliver Nelson, Nashville, 1990, p. 317