Fireflies: Leading with Excellence and Integrity cover
ISBN: 9781632694300

Author: Melt van der Spuy


Leading with Excellence and Integrity

Worldwide examples of unethical conduct in both private businesses and government institutions seem to continue without end. Why haven’t we made any significant impact on the amount of fraud and corruption?

In an effort to improve integrity and ethical conduct in the workplace, many organizations have increased their efforts to educate their employees on the regulations that govern their organizations, their industries, and the countries they do business in. This is, however, only part of the equation, and we have neglected the more important part: the development of individuals’ characters.

Just as firefly populations are dwindling worldwide, so are populations of business and government leaders who radiate the light of well-developed, virtuous characters. Simply put, we need more fireflies in the workforce—leaders who understand the importance of character development as the foundation for successful leadership.

In Fireflies: Leading with Excellence and Integrity, Melt van der Spuy explains how good character, like fireflies’ light, requires purpose, effort, strength, and efficiency. He focuses on seven key virtues, drawn from classical and Christian thought, that are foundational to building good character.

Fireflies will awaken your thinking about what it really takes to fraud-proof your business and deliver excellence with integrity. Dare to be a firefly.

Author Bio

Melt van der Spuy’s father wanted him to become a physician like his grandfather. Unable to stomach the blood associated with surgical work, he decided to enter pharmacy school instead. That opened the door into the world of medical innovations and sales. In 1992, Melt received his bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from North-West University in South Africa. He joined Eli Lilly and Company as a pharmacy intern in 1993.

During his journey from intern to vice president of emerging markets, Melt lived and worked in several countries across the world. In England, he discovered his identity in Christ and earned a certificate in business management from Henley College. Later, in Indianapolis, Indiana, he met his wife Marise.

Melt left Eli Lilly in 2015 to share what he’s learned about leadership with others. His book Fireflies: Leading with Excellence and Integrity is part of that effort. Melt is a trustee at the Firefly Leadership Trust. He lives in George, South Africa, with Marise and their three daughters, Kristin, Mikela, and Kira. There, he manages the family companies.

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